TV Stands With Fireplaces

An electric fireplace built into an entertainment center.


February 19, 2020

A friend of mine has a modern log cabin and loves the feel and ambiance that fireplaces provide, so he had Chimney Works take a look at his master bedroom to see where we could install a third fireplace.

At Chimney Works, we always want to know what a customer’s goal is so that we can help them select the right product for their needs. This customer’s main concern was providing a secondary heat source, but he also wanted something that looked nice. We looked at running gas and installing a zero clearance gas fireplace, but this proved to be a bit too cost-prohibitive Also, there was only one option for location and it cramped the layout of his room.

A white TV Stand Fireplace
Electric Fireplace Mantels can either look like a traditional fireplace or look closer to an entertainment center.

Next, we looked into the option of an electric fireplace embedded in an existing 2X6 framed wall. This was in budget but would require some minor remodeling. Lastly, we looked at a wall hanging electric fireplace, and a stand-alone electric fireplace appliance. I could tell he wasn’t quite sold on any of the ideas we had gone provided, then I noticed his TV stand.

There was a white, time-worn TV stand with a moderate-sized TV sitting on top of it. It was taking up space on one of the larger walls and we had already dismissed the idea of moving it. I quickly pulled out my phone and showed him the various options of white TV stands with fireplaces, sometimes referred to as “Mantel Electric Fireplaces”. He loved the idea but he had some really good questions about these all in one fireplace and TV stands. The background, pros, and cons are definitely worth sharing.

Electric Fireplaces are becoming very popular. With newer models of traditional fireplaces, there is less clearance required above the fireplace, which means you can hang a television on the wall above your mantle. No doubt a furniture manufacturer noticed this trend and thought “Why not just build a TV stand with a fireplace in it?” and the TV Stand/Fireplace combo was born.

What Is Inside An Electric Fireplace TV Stand

So focusing only on the fireplace, you will find an electric fireplace that can be plugged into a standard home outlet. Depending on which model you purchase, you will find that many advertised on the internet are lower end electric fireplaces, and are basically a space heater with lights that mimic a flame. Most of these are capable of outputting about 5,100 BTUs, which makes them equivalent to a smaller space heater. The cheaper ones you see advertised on the internet are generally lackluster in their imitation of a real flame. This is a far cry from the elite fireplaces made by companies like Napoleon and Dimplex. This customer opted to go with The Lambert Electric Fireplace Mantle by Napoleon, which fit his rustic decor perfectly.

Written By Steve May

Steve May founded Chimney Works And Rocky Mountain Stoves in October of 2001. Steve is an entrepreneur at heart, and avid outdoorsman, and a proud father of 5.

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