Should I get my chimney cleaned every year?

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December 6, 2016

How bad can it get?

The NFPA recommends you clean your chimney every year for a few reasons.

  1. A level 1 inspection should always accompany a chimney cleaning, and you definately need an inspection every year. Truth is, we have had customers who have only burned a few fires, but still ended up with a cracked flue liner and the risk of a chimney fire.
  2. Usage isnt always the best indicator of creosote buildup. You can burn half as much as last year and still end up with more creosote than ever. This can happen for many reasons, but the biggest reason is a change in fuel quality. If you burn scrubby or wet wood on season, you’ll find you have a lot more creosote buildup.
  3. Blockages can occur. All it takes is a storm to knock your chimney cap off, then a spider to build a web, and a few leaves floating your way and you have a blockage. An annual cleaning will ensure you are ready to go.

Watch this short video to see how bad it can get.  Creosote is no joke. Burning the right kind of wood can help prevent creosote. Third stage glazed tar creosote in an open chimney is almost always caused by burning wet, or unseasoned wood. Make sure you are burning the right kind of wood. I feel another blog topic coming on.

Written By Steve May

Steve May founded Chimney Works And Rocky Mountain Stoves in October of 2001. Steve is an entrepreneur at heart, and avid outdoorsman, and a proud father of 5.

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