Chimney Liners

What is a chimney liner?

Illustration of a stainless steel chimney liner

A chimney liner protects the inside length of a chimney from the various factors that can cause corrosion or decay. Liners also stop heat transfer from the chimney to combustible surfaces in your home, such as wood. Liners also have many other benefits, and are now required by almost all fire codes. A liner should not be considered optional even if your local codes do not require it.

Chances are, your chimney probably already has a liner, even if it is a traditional clay flue. However, what do you do when your trusted chimney sweep detects damage in your existing liner?Thankfully, Chimney Works can provide your with options that will keep you safe without breaking the bank. Your chimney can be relined, which will either repair the damage or drop an entirely new liner down your chimney.

We’ll cover the types of liners in a moment, but first, we’ll review reasons why your might want to consider a chimney reline.

Why should I reline my chimney?

  • You do not have any type of chimney liner in your chimney
  • You spot very visible damage to your chimney, caused by a chimney fire or a lightning strike
  • A certified chimney sweep spots damage during a chimney inspection
  • Damage is found due to your home settling
  • An existing liner has deteriorated and needs to be replaced
  • To adjust the size of the chimney opening for new appliance; such as converting from oil to gas heat, or putting in a wood insert.
  • To prevent excessive creosote buildup when venting a wood stove or wood insert through an existing fireplace.

Options For Chimney Liners

  1. Install A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner – This method of relining involves installing a round or oval stainless steel liner in the chimney. The liner can be either rigid or flexible; flexible liners are used for chimneys with offsets or bends, where rigid liners will not work. Stainless steel liners are used mainly for wood stoves and oil furnace installations. Chimney Works offers UL Listed stainless steel lining systems that come with a manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty. Take a look at this video to see what is involved with installing a stainless steel chimney liner:
  2. Apply A Specialized Chimney Flue Sealant like HeatShield® Cerfractory Flue Sealant – HeatShield® is a specially formulated “Cerfractory®” sealant material that restores the integrity of your chimney’s flue to vent hazardous flue gases from your home. It eliminates the dangers in your chimney caused by gaps, cracks and spalling for years to come. By using either the Joint Repair System or Resurfacing System, depending on the defects found, your chimney will be restored to its original peak level of safety and efficiency. View the HeatShield® manufacturer’s website.
  3. Install An Aluminum Chimney Liner – This method is similar to stainless steel, but the liner is made of aluminum. Aluminum liners can only be used to vent certain types of gas appliances. Note: Gas logs intended for installation in wood burning fireplaces may not be vented with aluminum liners.
  4. Install Flue Tiles – Used mainly in new construction, this method of relining may be suitable for short, straight chimneys.

Chimney Works has installed thousands of liners in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky. If you have any questions, please give us a call, contact us or schedule online.

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