Water Problems

Water Destroys Masonry Chimneys

Why is water damage called out separately from Chimney Work’s chimney repair? One word: Prevention. We would much rather help you protect your chimney than repair it for you. Our full time masonry crew has been helping Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky residents prevent chimney damage for decades. A typical masonry chimney should have a very long life, but like most things and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read on to learn more about water damage and what you can do to protect your chimney.

chimney spalling

Mortar and bricks by nature are porous, which means they let water in. Once water is inside, it can freeze and expand, which causes cracks or can even break the face off of the brick, otherwise known as spalling.  Even hot dry weather can cause the chimney structure to shift, which can leave a way for water to get in later. In chimney crowns, small gaps may become big ones once water gets inside. Even if you do not end up with a structural problem, you could have staining, a loss of insulation value, and general deterioration.

As the tri-state’s premier masonry contractors, we are experts in masonry restoration and chimney protection.

Good News! It’s Preventable!

Even if the most well built chimney is still prone to deterioration due to weather, but only if it is left unprotected. To protect your chimney we repel water away from your mortar and bricks with a specialized product called Chimney Saver. Chimney Saver is a water repellent and will not trap moisture in your mortar. This highly specialized product that is for professional application only, and the product itself comes with an extended warranty.  There are also other specialized products we can apply to your chimney crown, the mortar joints, the smoke chamber and the flashing. To learn more about Chimney Saver, visit their product page. To learn more about water damage, visit our blog: Common Leaking Chimney Causes And How To Fix Them


Chimney Works has helped thousands of customers protect their chimneys throughout the years, however, we would like to emphasize that we cannot guarantee that any repairs we do will stop the water problem. Water is tricky and can have many entry points, some of which are out of our control. We always attempt to address problems in the least expensive way possible first, in accordance with our desire to never sell you anything you don’t really need.

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