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Lopi Radiant Plus Large Gas Insert

by Lopi

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Product Description

The Radiant Plus is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a gas insert with reliable performance and great features at a reasonable price. This standing pilot insert features a quick, easy startup and requires no power to run or operate, making it a reliable heat source for any home, and even during power outages! The Radiant Plus offers more standard features than any other insert in its class and is designed to deliver year-round comfort that can be tailored to any of your heating needs and provide warmth to living spaces ranging from 500 square feet to 1,650 square feet. The unique design of the Radiant Plus delivers optimum radiant and natural convection heat while showcasing a massive fire viewing area that’s the biggest in its class!

The Radiant Plus™ Gas Inserts are engineered to install into your existing fireplace and designed to provide comforting RADIANT heat PLUS Natural Convection, delivering optimum warmth throughout your home. RADIANT heat is the cozy, satisfying warmth you can actually feel from any source of heat, such as sitting in front of a campfire or soaking up the rays of the sun. NATURAL CONVECTION occurs as room air in the convection chamber is heated. This heated air rises, drawing cooler room air into the chamber, which in turn heats up and circulates around the firebox continuously.

Product Specifications

  • Appliance Type: Gas Insert
  • Fuel Type: Propane/Natural Gas
  • Maximum BTUs: Up to 33,000
  • Glass Viewing Area: 451.7 square inches

Product Features

  • The Dancing-Fyre™ burner and Classic Log Set are incredibly realistic
    and mimic an actual wood burning fire, right down to the flame
    pattern, highly detailed logs and glowing ember bed.
  • These inserts feature a direct vent chimney system. All combustion air is drawn from outside your home, and all combustion byproducts are • then vented out of your home through a new chimney liner.
  • Heavy duty steel (16 & 18 gauge) construction offers years and years of dependable service.
  • High-temperature ceramic glass.
  • Easy to operate controls.
  • Offered as a choice of either a Standing Pilot control or a GreenSmart® Basic (IPI) control system. Ask your Authorized Lopi® Dealer for a demonstration of both systems to determine which best suits you.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • 50% flame and heat turndown.
  • All Radiant Plus™ Inserts continue to work if you lose power to your home.

Optional Features

  • Various face panels and surround plates are available
  • Optional Ceramic Brick Fireback
  • Optional Remote Control Thermostat

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