At Chimney Works we understand the frustrations you endure with home service companies. They get there when they want to, not when they are scheduled. You never know what kind of mess they will leave your house in. They tell you what they think you want to hear, and then do what they want to do. And you are never sure you need what they say needs done.

At Chimney Works we have systems in place that guarantee reliability, orderliness and your satisfaction. We call this Chimney Works Peace of Mind Experience.

  1. Understanding Your Needs. Before starting your work our service technician will talk to you and find out what you want and expect.
  2. Punctuality. We arrive and start work when we tell you we will. If we can’t be there we will call you before the scheduled start time and inform you of the reason and reschedule at a time convenient for you. You will not wait all day for a service man that never shows up.
  3. Cleanliness. We guarantee no mess in your home. In fact, we will lay down rug runners to protect the floor, use high speed dust collectors to insure no mess from the soot, and wear white gloves whenever touching your furniture.
  4. Trust. We recommend only what’s needed to protect you, your family and your home.
  5. Documentation. We will document any needed repairs with videotape or digital pictures so you can see the damage you are told you need to repair.
  6. Recommendations. We will leave with you a condition report with written recommendations to solve any problems or defects found.
  7. We Listen to YOU. Not only do we find out from you what you want before we start the job, we will call you after to make sure you are happy with the work.

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Chimney SweepingFurnace or Water Heater Flue CleaningProtective Chimney Covers and Bird ScreensDamper Repair or InstallationMortar or Brick Repairs on the ChimneyChimney WaterproofingSmoke ProblemsWood Burning Stove InstallationVisual/Video Safety InspectionLining of a Fireplace or FurnaceConversion from Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas Log


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