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Peace of Mind

At Chimney Works we understand the frustrations you endure with home service companies. They get there when they want to, not when they are scheduled. You never know what kind of mess they will leave your house in. They tell you what they think you want to hear, and then do what they want to … Read More Peace of Mind

Consumer Protection

Protect yourself from poor workmanship and FRAUD! Make sure your chimney company complies with these 6 consumer protection policies and strict standards of ethical behavior. The contractor/service industry is known for its lack of integrity and ethics. Things like making promises they don’t keep…or maybe quoting a low up front price, then tricking you with … Read More Consumer Protection


Technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and by the National Fireplace Institute. They are tested on standards established by the National Fire Protection Association, local building codes and all facets of chimney cleaning and inspection. Click below to learn more about our professional associations and certifications:

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Chimney SweepingFurnace or Water Heater Flue CleaningProtective Chimney Covers and Bird ScreensDamper Repair or InstallationMortar or Brick Repairs on the ChimneyChimney WaterproofingSmoke ProblemsWood Burning Stove InstallationVisual/Video Safety InspectionLining of a Fireplace or FurnaceConversion from Wood Burning Fireplace to Gas Log